What kind of business opportunity do you offer to potential entrepreneurs, and where do you foresee yourself in next 5 years?

Normally when a normal person thinks of fitness, first thought is directly linked to a local regular sophisticated gym with normal workout routine. Being associated with SportsFit, as the name itself makes one to think of relationship between Sports and Fitness. SportsFit not only provides total fitness solution, but also pioneers in service sector when it comes to socializing and providing a one stop retail platform. With the association of the biggest sporting icon of the country, MS Dhoni, one can think of marketing value it spikes across common citizens.

Fitness Industry is hugely unexplored, and SportsFit is coming with more than 150 branches within 3 years pan-India. We aim to further expand our initiative across global stage, in countries such as Australia, Germany, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This is a perfect platform for potential entrepreneurs, seeing a rapid boom in fitness industry in the next five years. The other USP which definitely interests entrepreneurs is optimization. We at SportsFit don’t believe in compromising with the quality of service and equipment. Strength machinery is one aspect where our entrepreneurs can save a bucket or two without investing too much on “branded” machines. Rather, SportsFit gives multiple options in terms of investment on strength equipment but cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical trainer & a few more) must be of the top-quality. This promotion helps spike your marketing as well as service strategies within your fitness center.

At what point of time you thought of expanding via the franchise route?

When we started this venture, fitness level in India was below average standard. We had a huge task in hand to raise the bar of fitness, that too at an economical cost. It wasn’t easy at an initial stage and we started with 2 branches in New Delhi-NCR. After success of our corporate branches, the management thought of beloved citizens, who were lacking facilities but had craze and hoping for better (but unique) equipped fitness centers.

After studying every aspect, SportsFit created a compatible model to offer franchisees pan-India. The model, suits both parties very well, as it reduces investors’ risk as a new business owner. The promoters, who are expert in fitness sector, have already established a successful business model over the years, with a proven market with innovative ideas to start the business. This gives the franchisee a significant advantage in starting a new business. There might be thousands of brands existing, but SportsFit has separated itself with more than 25+ branches in three years’ time across pan-India, with an eye on expansion across globe as well.

What kind of training and support do you offer to your franchisees?

From first informal-formal introduction meeting to signing formalities of contract with a franchisee, corporate plays the most vital and essential role at first. Working with global sourcing experts in SportsFit is the first advantage to the franchisee. From helping a franchisee in finding location to establishing a running successful branch, SportsFit shows the courage and determination to provide full support and guidance to its franchisees.

Let it be in building marketing-sales strategies regarding promotion methods, packages, advertisement methods, corporate tie-ups with high profile cases, or recruitment and induction, training of staff (sales team and trainers), from guiding of purchasing and till launching of branded and customized equipment into the center, kicking off the pre-sales, usage of software followed by SportsFit, inauguration and chief guest to inaugurate the center.

SportsFit takes full responsibility of its actions during supporting and guiding its franchisee as we believe that franchisee is our backbone as per expansion of business prospective and we should take care and nourish it till it becomes independently mature of its own.

How do you track your trend in market?

SportsFit is regular and active with its social media pages, websites tracking, suggestions, comments, comparison, and demands-requirements made by our customers via different channels prompting us to act immediately to fulfil the needs/updates and be competitive in a hustled-bustled market. Feedback forms submitted by our customers also helps us knowing better what trend we follow or what extra can be expected in terms of what other centres might not be offering. SportsFit tries to innovate with unique patterns to justify its existence in service industry. Such examples can be introduction of cage bar, new admission of dietary supplement products, motivational videos by finest professionals around the world, and much more.

What value do you provide that is not already available to your customers?

When SportsFit was launched, we had one aim in mind, that was satisfy our clients by sticking to our values in terms of growth, expansion. After three years, we are improving ourselves each day for better customer support. With years gone by, we have understood the change our customers want. Our basic value is to give the best of services (be it be equipment, trainer, training style, ambience, cafe menu or items presented). Our uniqueness lies in our group class activities where we are providing 7 different group class activities. Secondly, our cafe services enable customers to get best dietary supplements. Within our centres, our cafe menu provides from basic need to advance diet requirements. Next criteria follows is about our strength machines, which were never seen across any fitness centre. With all these additions, we are still improving and strived to fulfil the demands of our customers.

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"Within 40 days I went from 82.5 to 72.4 kgs, which is 10.1 kgs. Thanks to all the team members and a special thanks to Siddharth for being such a support." - Ashima Sareen "Great instructors. I appreciate all your efforts to make it a great place to work out."
- Pankaj Markandey

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