At SportsFit, we cover the basic health parameters and take you to the next level of fitness.
In the SportsFit assessment and programming structure, we go through all the parameters and plan the workouts based on every aspect.


C.S.T.P (Core Strength Training Program) involves majority of body’s muscles excluding lower legs. Core is a complex series of muscles. It acts as the biggest stabilizer of static or dynamic body movement. Core is also where ‘centre of gravity’ is located.


One of the fiercest cardiac workouts, elevating your heart rate in a progressive manner lasting up to 1 hour. Cycling fires the biggest muscle of the body – Gluteus Maximus. Apart from lower part of body, hands, core, shoulders and back are continuously for one hour. In short, a complete body workout.


More than 5000 years of traditional workout, which provides simultaneous relaxation as well as concentrating power. Meditation, strength and flexibility are also integral part of this sensational one hour session. The best part of Yoga is, despite being so competitive it is practised in a peaceful situation rather than in a stressful surrounding.


Giriya (or Kettlebell) is a Russian combat equipment resembling cannonball with a handle. Compared to a Dumbbell, K.B is mostly used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility and weightlifting. In short, all 5 components of physical fitness are covered under an hour burst session of Kettlebell.


Latest sensation to trend worldwide, F.T defines workout in which more than 1 joint is in motion. In other words, a compound workout is a functional training workout. Unimaginable varieties bring loads of interest spiking up to a blast of 1 hour.


A Columbian pattern dance and a vital part of fitness & its industry. Moderate level of aerobic elements are involved. USP includes toning, heart rate elevation and proper circulation of blood flow to all parts of muscles. Though, it can be hectic, it is not such a weight bearing activity.


Boxing gives you that extra kick in variation, plus it is a high intense workout that pushes your body beyond limits. It is a total body workout that tests your flexibility, hardiness and stamina.


Aerobics is considered one of the best cardio exercises. The classic mix of music and dance moves makes the Aerobic routine very interesting.


ABT workouts target a combination of muscles. As the acronym goes- ‘Abs, Butts & Thighs’. Butts and thighs compose of the larger muscle groups while at the same time you work on a specific area of the abs. The hearth rate keeps changing as the intensity and range of motions are altered. This program will provide a more toned butt, shaped legs and if you put in enough hard work, six-pack abs.


The most famous workout with loads of intensity, fun and variety.

Group Classes: Members have an opportunity to get more variations into their workout while visiting group classes. If you don’t want to complete your workout alone, just join a group class and become more motivated through the class instructor, music and moving in a group. The main focus of the group classes is: functional fitness, aerobic exercises, strength training, fun & dancing, flexibility training, body and mind training.


"Within 40 days I went from 82.5 to 72.4 kgs, which is 10.1 kgs. Thanks to all the team members and a special thanks to Siddharth for being such a support." - Ashima Sareen "Great instructors. I appreciate all your efforts to make it a great place to work out."
- Pankaj Markandey

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