Sedentary lifestyle and sitting profile job normally hinder our fitness goals, as body motion is at very little. Adding to the woes is our diet, which practically counts for 80%, of living standard. Normally, corporate officials are NOT aware of what actual is a balance diet and best sources of CPF (Carbs, Protein & Fat) and their distribution ratio.  They get confused, with what and when to eat in their busy lifestyle.

Food is important for fuelling body and an asset in terms of overall health. As true as this statement is, astonishing fact is that people couldn’t manage their diet schedule and tend to intake inappropriate food. Scattered time-table is a one big area of concern, where people sleep through breakfast, work through lunch, become too restrictive on meals, and eat not-so-healthy snacks. Any age group or profession (let it be students, parents, entrepreneurs, casual-expert competitive athletes or corporate officials) repeatedly express their inability to eat high quality diet. Work pattern has become such a stress that it adds extra burden on muscles and bones. Additionally, attempt to lose weight and efforts to schedule exercise time in a hectic time-table mean that diet becomes more of a source of stress than pleasure.

When people get hungry, they tend to care less about what they choose to eat, so the idea should be to eat throughout the day in order provide body and brain a steady supply of fuel. You can always create a winning eating plan, which suits you as an individual, instead of following several advises. At first, you should eat a minimum 3 foods in your meal. The more types of food you consume, the more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you get. Instead of having a repetitive menu, target different varieties. Secondly, choose foods in their natural state, like consume oranges rather than orange juice, bananas rather than commercial energy bars, whole-wheat bread rather than white bread, baked potatoes instead of French Fries. In a natural state food have more nutritional value and less sodium, trans-fat, and other health-eroding ingredients.

Last but not the least, think moderation. In other words, eat 80-90% healthy foods most days of the week but at the same time, satisfy your craving with lesser nutritional merit food items. This is also equally important Don´t just eat, eat better. Some of the following information to help you not just eat, but eat better.

  • Intake “Whole” Grains and Starches :

If you eat well, there is “whole” in your diet – whole grains! Wholesome breads, cereals and other grain foods are the foundation of an optimal diet, particularly a high performance diet. Grains that are unrefined or only lightly processed are excellent sources of carbohydrates, fibers, and B vitamins. They fuel your muscles and reduce constipation problems, if they have rich fiber. To get adequate carbs to fully fuel your muscles, you need to consume at least 200-300 calories of grain foods per meal, one bowl of cereal, two slices of bread, 1 cup of rice. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, stoned-wheat crackers offer more B vitamins, potassium and fiber compared to refined white rice.

Whole-grain cereals (wheaties, cheerios, total, kashi and shredded wheat), oatmeal, bagels (pumpernickel, rye, whole wheat) and low-fat muffins (bran, corn, oatmeal) are healthier than doughnuts, butter toasted, croissants, pastries, or muffin made with white flour. Popcorns (without salt) are a good alternate way to boost your whole grain intake.

  • Vegetables :

Vegetables contribute important carbs to the foundation of your diet. Veggies are what we call nature’s vitamin pills because they are excellent sources of vitamin c, beta-carotene (plant form of vitamin A), potassium, magnesium, and many other vitamins, minerals, and health-protective substances. I recommend at least two ½ cups of vegetables per day (preferably more). The preferable choice should be garden fresh vegetables, while you can also consume frozen vegetables. However; freezing destroys some little nutritional value. Canned vegetables are also a good choice, but rinsing them with plain water can reduce their higher sodium levels because they are processed quickly and retain many of their nutrients.

Dark, colourful veggies usually have more nutritional values. If you are struggling to improve your diet, boost your intake of colourful broccoli, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and winter squash. Pale vegetables are not bad for you, it’s just the colourful ones offer more vitamins and minerals.

Cruciferous veggies , including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, collard, kale, kohlrabi, turnip and mustard greens, may protect against cancer. You can eat as much as you want on every alternative day, without worrying about anything.


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