“Sportsfit Gym & Fitness Center at Lucknow is approximately 6000 sq ft. which gives our member’s & trainer’s vast area to explore higher levels of Fitness. Mr. Piyush Agarwal & Mrs. Sonali Agarwal are Sports enthusiasts. It is their passion towards fitness which has brought their dream into reality of providing various programs & high technical guidance to fitness freaks as they completely believe everything is possible if burning desire of apt health gets proper guidance and ‘Bodies without limits’ is indeed attainable!


Here’s a quick snippet of what we offer our members:

  • Sports Cafe
  • Dedicated cardiovascular workout area
  • Strength and conditioning area
  • Free workout kit for every member
  • Group class studio
  • Sports Pavilion with leading brands
  • Steam and Shower Area
  • Customer Care
  • WI-FI lounge
  • Personal Lockers
  • Specialized fitness trainers
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Regular assessment and workout regime
  • Dedicated Parking Area



ABT workouts target a combination of muscles. As the acronym goes- ‘Abs, Butts & Thighs’. Butts and thighs compose of the larger muscle groups while at the same time you work on a specific area of the abs. The hearth rate keeps changing as the intensity and range of motions are altered. This program will provide a more toned butt, shaped legs and if you put in enough hard work, six-pack abs.


One of the fiercest cardiac workouts, elevating your heart rate in a progressive manner lasting up to 1 hour. Cycling fires the biggest muscle of the body – Gluteus Maximus. Apart from lower part of body, hands, core, shoulders and back are continuously for one hour. In short, a complete body workout.


More than 5000 years of traditional workout, which provides simultaneous relaxation as well as concentrating power. Meditation, strength and flexibility are also integral part of this sensational one hour session. The best part of Yoga is, despite being so competitive it is practiced in a peaceful situation rather than in a stressful surrounding.


Aerobics is considered one of the best cardio exercises. The classic mix of music and dance moves makes the Aerobic routine very interesting.


Latest sensation to trend worldwide, F.T defines workout in which more than 1 joint is in motion. In other words, a compound workout is a functional training workout. Unimaginable varieties bring loads of interest spiking up to a blast of 1 hour.


A Columbian pattern dance and a vital part of fitness & its industry. Moderate level of aerobic elements are involved. USP includes toning, heart rate elevation and proper circulation of blood flow to all parts of muscles. Though, it can be hectic, it is not such a weight bearing activity.


Shah Alam

Shah Alam is NCSF Certified. He has attended the workshops of Food & supplementation under Sangeeta Malik & Sports supplementation & Olympic lifting under Dr. Chirag Sethi. Has got 2nd place in Mr. Lucknow Body building championship. Is winner of title Mr. Power point for 5 times. He is specialized in Body Building , Body Pump, Aerobics, Kick Boxing, Weight Lifting, Functional Training and ABT. He believes that a good sleep shall give better results. He enjoys travelling, Spending time with Family & Friends.

Mayank Pal

Mayank Pal is certified personal trainer. He has CPR certification from red cross society. He has attended workshop of kettle bells under Steve Kotter. His long list of achievements includes – first place in DBBA body building championship 2006, 2nd Place in Mr. Hercules of U.P. Body building Championship by DBBA Jan-2007, 3rd Place in Mr. Senior UP Body building championship by DBBA March-2007, Title of Mr. Lucknow was awarded to him in the competition organized by DBBA June-2007. He specializes in Spinning & weight loss/Gain programs. He has a remarkable experience of 5 Yrs. on his shoulders.

Pradeep Maurya

Pradeep Maurya is specialized Kick-Boxing trainer. He is a bronze medalist @ National Kick-boxing championship for two times. He is an expert Aero-Kick-Boxer. Zumba, cardio kick boxing, power kick boxing, functional work outs, circuit workout and spinning makes him a skilled trainer. His technical knowledge behind his skills makes an effective impact on the gymmer & derives faster results without any negative effect on the body. He believes it is only sole dedication towards fitness that gets improved health in one’s life. His hobbies are as athletic as him, double ground skipping while listening to music & playing outdoor games.

Zaeem Zaidi

Zaeem Zaidi has done his masters in anthropology. He started his career in fitness industry at the early age of 16. He has gained knowledge from workshops of Food and supplementation under dr. Sangeeta Malik. He is CPR Certified from Red cross Society. He is a certified Yoga Trainer from yoga treatment institute, Lucknow. He has done specialization in Core training, Weight training & spinning. He has won the title of Mr. Muscles Man of Lucknow in Mr. Lucknow Body-building Championship 2009. He believes in reading fitness articles and enjoys swimming.



Losing Weight in a Healthy way…13 Kgs in 6 Months! When Mr. Varun Shankar had joined Sportsfit Gym he was skeptical about loosing weight & needed professional help big time. With the help of Sportsfit Trainer Ms.Neelam Joshi who designed his workout schedule which included cardio, functional & weight training without effecting his body in a reverse way . As all professionals  know that every body is different & the fitness regime has to be designed on the basis of endurance, strength, stamina, speed & medical background depending on these factors. Initially he was on low fat & high protein diet then he was given a different diet plan altering his calories which was followed approximately for 45 days . Depending on Member’s results &   nutritional needs the diet plan is  altered in every 45 days to three months. We give credit to Mr. Varun Shankar for following the trainer’s & dietician’s instructions religiously which helped him loose approx. 13 Kgs in 6 months.
Mr. Varun Shankar
Javed Khan says “YES IT IS POSSIBLE” Javed Khan  has tremendously gained results from Personal Training given by Dependra Maurya.  Mr. Khan has lost 11 Kgs in 20 sessions given in the span of one month  personal training by Dependra.! According to our specialized trainer Dependra , “it takes pure dedication towards  our member’s health, workout’s & diet plan to get him lose weight without any side effects.  It’s all about doing  the  workout with the apt technique involved to ensure  the best results for  the client.” Javed Khan is completely pumped up by Deependera Maurya & is motivated to lose weight further. He is eager for more.  11 Kgs weight loss in  one month span has made remarkable change in his life.  He says “ Deependera is an excellent trainer, he is always there with you to guide you” . Functional Training, Intensive Power  Kick Boxing, Aerobics & dedicated diet plan has  aggravated the results for him .
Mr. Javed Khan
10-15 Kgs in 3 Months … Surprised??? Nikhil Dwivedi’s journey  at Sportsfit Gym & Fitness Center has changed his perception about fitness altogether. He is more active & fit now .  After being in the grind for 3 months he is  completely motivated & is all gaga about our specialized personal trainer Sumit Kashyap for supporting & guiding him all through his experience at Sportsfit. Mr. Nikhil has dedicatedly followed his workout regime which included Functional Training , Cardio , Intensive strength training etc  which has resulted in increased stamina, ease in life, reduced cholesterol, reduced belly fat, activeness & many more to list.  He has also made the record of fastest skipping & cardio run. He believes if he can do it then anybody can achieve the same results , all it requires is hardcore dedication towards your health & make your own way to  meet your fitness goals.
Mr. Nikhil Dwivedi’s


"Within 40 days I went from 82.5 to 72.4 kgs, which is 10.1 kgs. Thanks to all the team members and a special thanks to Siddharth for being such a support." - Ashima Sareen "Great instructors. I appreciate all your efforts to make it a great place to work out."
- Pankaj Markandey

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