With over 15,000 sq ft to workout, no issues with space. Cafeteria is every time available, which means you need not to search for dietary supplements anywhere else and worry about fake product. Plus, you will have grass-rooted track in our Gx activity room with additional boxing kit for practicing with international (RUSSIAN) trainer. And, our uniquely assembled strength machines won’t be found in any other gym.


Here’s a quick snippet of what we offer our members:

  • Sports Specific Training
  • Strength and conditioning area
  • Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Programs
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Crossfit Box
  • Outdoor Functional Fitness
  • Group Classes, Spinning Studio
  • Regular assessment and workout regime
  • Hygienic and Well Ventilated Facility
  • Daily Lockers
  • Cardio and Strength Training Equipment’s
  • Fresh and Clean Towels
  • State of Art Equipment
  • Sauna & Steam rooms, Showers
  • Free Wi-Fi lounge with Health Café
  • Pro-Shop

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Training Session:enrollment

  • It helps you develop a routine for better results.
  • It keeps you motivated and also provides a sense of accountability.
  • You would get a fresh new perspective & idea on health, technique, and fitness.
  • With a personal training session, you will get consistent and solid results.
  • The proper training techniques help in enhancing your performance.
  • It helps in preventing avoidable injuries and helps in rehabilitation.
  • The personal training session enables you to get sports specific training as per your body requirement.
  • In the personal training session you will get chronic/acute disease/illness specific training.
  • It utilises your workout time in a best possible way.
  • In the personal training session you would have your personalized programme.
  • It is a 1 on 1 personal interaction session, which leads to improvement.
  • You would able to work out with efficiency & precision.
  • The personal training provides you the option of adapting new training skills.
  • You would get your personal diet programme designed specifically for your body type.
  • With the personal training session you will get proper attention for improved performance.
  • It provides you the advantage to having a flexible routine and schedule.
  • The personal training session provides you multi-functional workout.
  • It helps in removing monotony with variety of workouts.
  • You will get to learn new skills about human science.
  • You will get an idea what exactly your body needs, for future reference.
  • With result oriented training, you would see positive transformation in your body.

personal trainer-1

Advantage of PT



C.S.T.P (Core Strength Training Program) involves majority of body’s muscles excluding lower legs. Core is a complex series of muscles. It acts as the biggest stabilizer of static or dynamic body movement. Core is also where ‘centre of gravity’ is located.


One of the fiercest cardiac workouts, elevating your heart rate in a progressive manner lasting up to 1 hour. Cycling fires the biggest muscle of the body – Gluteus Maximus. Apart from lower part of body, hands, core, shoulders and back are continuously for one hour. In short, a complete body workout.


More than 5000 years of traditional workout, which provides simultaneous relaxation as well as concentrating power. Meditation, strength and flexibility are also integral part of this sensational one hour session. The best part of Yoga is, despite being so competitive it is practised in a peaceful situation rather than in a stressful surrounding.


Giriya (or Kettlebell) is a Russian combat equipment resembling cannonball with a handle. Compared to a Dumbbell, K.B is mostly used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility and weightlifting. In short, all 5 components of physical fitness are covered under an hour burst session of Kettlebell.


Latest sensation to trend worldwide, F.T defines workout in which more than 1 joint is in motion. In other words, a compound workout is a functional training workout. Unimaginable varieties bring loads of interest spiking up to a blast of 1 hour.


A Columbian pattern dance and a vital part of fitness & its industry. Moderate level of aerobic elements are involved. USP includes toning, heart rate elevation and proper circulation of blood flow to all parts of muscles. Though, it can be hectic, it is not such a weight bearing activity.


Boxing gives you that extra kick in variation, plus it is a high intense workout that pushes your body beyond limits. It is a total body workout that tests your flexibility, hardiness and stamina.


Aerobics is considered one of the best cardio exercises. The classic mix of music and dance moves makes the Aerobic routine very interesting.


The most famous workout with loads of intensity, fun and variety.


Suraj Sansanwal1

NAME : Suraj Sansanwal (Regional Fitness Manager)
AGE : 29 Years
CERTIFICATIONS : Personal Trainer Preparatory Course from American Council on Exercise (USA), Certified from Hyper wear Boot Camp, TRX Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified in Advanced Physique Transformation from Expert Master Trainer Level 1,Certified in Barefoot Training from Evidence Based Fitness Academy, Certificate of CPR technique from Indian Red Cross Society,  Participation in Asia Fitness Conference and Expo at BITEC Bangkok, Level 1 Certification from International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.

U.C.P : Sport-Specific Training, Functional Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Kettle Bell, TRX, Boxing, Weight Loss, Tabata and Spinning.

Jyoti Chauhan

Experience : 1.5 Years
Certifications : Master of Physiotherapy (Sports)
U.C.P : Rehabilitation and Sports injury specialist, Sports specific fitness trainer. Sports Physiotherapist in Delhi Open Tennis Tournament 2016 (Achievement).
Waseem Ansari

Age : 27 years
Experience : 5 years
Certifications : CPT (A.C.E), CPR
U.C.P : Ex-Fitness Coach of National Cricket Team of Nepal, Specialized Trainer for Functional training.
Ritesh Vohra

Age : 30 Years
Experience : 12 Years
Certifications : CPT, Certified Group Instructor, Attended Workshops Kettle bell, TRX Suspension Training, Body Ball, Stability Ball.
U.C.P : Posture correction, Stability and Mobility, Tabata Training, Functional Training, Specialist in safety and healthy exercise techniques, weight Management specialist, Body Transformation.

Sandeep Veedlan

Age : 27 Years
Experience : 8 years
Certifications : C.P.T (G.F.F.I), Certified Trainer of Power Yoga and Crossfit training (G.F.FI).
U.C.P : Power Yoga and Crossfit Training



My Journey began approx. 15 weeks ago when the Sportsfit World Fitness opened. It had been 9 years since I last attended a gym and did any regular exercise as my life had completely revolved around my children. The lure of a brand new gym just down the road from me prompted me to organise my life, I did in fact have a child free spot of 2 hours between work finishing and picking up the kids from school and day care! The goals I set myself were to shed some weight, build some muscles and get a regular dose of endorphins! I’ve been medicated for years for depression and anxiety, medication takes the edge off the symptoms but the ‘buzz’ I get from exercising helps me to forget my problems. I used Personal Trainer Vibhor right from the beginning. I said to him the first day I met him….I need to book sessions with you or I just won’t come back” because let’s face it the first few weeks are the hardest to stay motivated especially with sore muscles. Vibhor got me through that first month, his training style with so much variety is amazing – never a dull moment! He’s also taught me a lot about nutrition and recovery. I really enjoy the gut- wrenching A.B.T and some bootcamp sessions and I am wrapt there are now crossfit sessions, awesome! In my 15 week journey I have lost 6 kgs but most importantly I have muscle tone and a new found strength, determination and commitment to better health….bring on the next 15 weeks!
Sujata Singh, Housewife
“Within 40 days I went from 82.5 to 72.4 kgs, which is 10.1 kgs. Thanks to all the team members and a special thanks to Siddharth for being such a support.” – Ashima Sareen “Great instructors. I appreciate all your efforts to make it a great place to work out.”
Rohit, Assistant Manager - Rhiti Sports


"Within 40 days I went from 82.5 to 72.4 kgs, which is 10.1 kgs. Thanks to all the team members and a special thanks to Siddharth for being such a support." - Ashima Sareen "Great instructors. I appreciate all your efforts to make it a great place to work out."
- Pankaj Markandey

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